five candle jar scheme

Here at Sprig® we've pledged to follow a zero waste approach, using recyclable and biodegradable materials. As a big part of this, we've introduced the five candle jar scheme.

Read on below to find out how you can get a free candle:


Step One: Collect up your used candle jars (lids and labels too).

Step Two: Take a snap of your five used candle jars and email it to us.



Step Three: Pending approval, we'll send you a unique free candle discount code.

Step Four: We'll send you a free return postage stamp to return the used jars:


We'll collect your used jars, socially distanced for free in Sheffield areas (below).

(We also offer free delivery in that area too).

Step Five: Enjoy your free flipping candle knowing you're an eco-warrior.


free carbon neutral delivery scheme

At Sprig® we believe in local, and throughout every step of our supply chain, we've pledged to   

reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can, and to eventually become carbon neutral.

With this in mind, we're offering free same-day delivery to any local Sheffield residents in this area:

Sheffield postcode areas that qualify for free same-day delivery














After popping items in your basket, click 'Free Hand Delivery to Qualifying Regions' if you qualify.

Shortly after, Reece will either pop his running shoes on or hop on his electric scooter (mood depending),

and your products will be hand delivered to you on the same day! (Socially distanced ofc).




Here at Sprig® we love cats, hiking, shopping local, Sheffield ales, and perfume; but we absolutely HATE plastic, to the point where we won't work with suppliers who use it. That's we've pledged to aim for a zero waste approach, using recyclable and biodegradable materials like paper, cardboard and glass; from our manufacturing to our customers and beyond.


Everything from our parcel stamps from the lovely folks at

Get Stamped to our 'Five Candle Jar Scheme' is focused on minimal environmental impact.

We believe that the smallest changes like these can have the biggest impact.

To read our pledge, click here.    






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