Crackin'© 150g Natural Coconut Wax Blend Candle

Get cracking with a sickly sweet jar of Crackin'©. Our first gourmand candle to satisfy sweet tooths, but also fans of woody, smoky scents. Crackin'© is a sweet blend of vanilla extract with sandalwood amyris, ylang ylang, vetivert and patchouli essential oils; ending with a burnt cocoa finish.


Sweet nuances of ylang ylang help to ease and relax, accompanied by top notes of comforting cocoa and tantalizing toffee. It's all about that base in this blend, as woody sandalwood amryis helps to melt stress away. With resinous, charred facets of vetivert and patchouli helping to ground, with vanilla to calm the mind; evoking a feeling of nostalgia. This candle is designed to help you crack on when times get tough. Its our sweetest blend yet, with an astounding fragrance throw. This sweet, resinous blend will help ease stress and calm the mind; bringing back those memories around the bonfire.


Fun Fact: Reece had help from someone special in the creation of this fragrance, listening to the sound of crackling woodland fires and eating salted toffee.  

Crackin'© 150g Natural Coconut Wax Blend Candle

  • Coconut and Rapeseed Wax Blend, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract, Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Vetivert Essential Oil, Perfume.  


Eco-Friendly Rapeseed Wax

Naturally Fine Fragrance

This sustainable alternative to paraffin and soy gives you a better fragrance throw, and it doesn't cost the planet.

A tried and tested 100% natural wax, professional, luxury grade.

We've designed the fragrances for each product with a blend of pure essential oils. Each with their own effects to fill your home, and bring you back to the world again.

Eco Candle Wicks

We use eco-friendly wicks,

with paper stabilising filaments. 

Safe Synthetics

Sprig® fragrances its products with natural essential oils and additional safe synthetics. They're the bits and bobs making an aroma, complimenting the essential oils to make unique product fragrance to add depth, richness and longevity to products.