Abloom© 150g Natural Coconut Wax Blend Candle

Banish the gloom with ABLOOM©, a fresh and fruity splash of geranium, peppermint, vanilla and lemon verbena essential oils. 


Wow, look at you now! Flowers in the window, it’s such a lovely day and I’m glad you feel the same. Top notes of peppermint helps refresh and energise the mind, with lemony notes of lemon verbena to aid mental alertness. A heart of leafy green geranium helps ease anxiety and manage emotions; developing into a sweet-rosy drydown, with a dash of strawberry. The fragrance finishes off with sweet woody base of vanilla to help calm the mind. 


This candle is designed to help energise and refresh the mind in times of new pathways opening up, for when your mind and soul is abloom. 


Fun Fact: Reece was inspired to create this fragrance following his departure from Lush Cosmetics, one of the cornerstones of his career; the refreshing scent evokes a sense of new found energy, helping him to move on, blossom and bloom.  


Abloom© 150g Natural Coconut Wax Blend Candle

  • Coconut Wax & Rapeseed Wax Blend, Geranium Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract, Lemon Verbena Essential Oil, Citronellol, Perfume.   


Eco-Friendly Rapeseed Wax

Naturally Fine Fragrance

This sustainable alternative to paraffin and soy gives you a better fragrance throw, and it doesn't cost the planet.

A tried and tested 100% natural wax, professional, luxury grade.

We've designed the fragrances for each product with a blend of pure essential oils. Each with their own effects to fill your home, and bring you back to the world again.

Eco Candle Wicks

We use eco-friendly wicks,

with paper stabilising filaments. 

Safe Synthetics

Sprig® fragrances its products with natural essential oils and additional safe synthetics. They're the bits and bobs making an aroma, complimenting the essential oils to make unique product fragrance to add depth, richness and longevity to products.