Our Pledge 

We pledge to make our products with fine fragrances,

scented with only natural essential oils and safe synthetics.   


We pledge to create bespoke products using cruelty-free, vegan ingredients.

We'll tell you when we've made them with our mark; making our parents and carers proud. 


We pledge to only buy ethical, sustainable and traceable ingredients,

from suppliers that do not test on animals or create environmental degradation.   


We pledge to create products that give something back to the world,

and create direct positive change, whether that may be social or environmental;

and reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can, becoming carbon neutral.

We pledge our belief in the power of fragrance and its ability to change lives,

a change that may be big or small; the smallest effort can create the biggest change. 

We pledge to follow a zero waste approach, using recyclable and biodegradable materials

from our manufacturing to our customers and beyond.








Reece Pickering: Founder of Sprig


Mission Statement:

"To light the way as a sustainable business, filling life with fine fragrance and kindness; working together towards a green new world".