caring for your sprig® candles & melts 

get wicky with it (oof that pun tho)

Here at Sprig® we want you to get the most out of your candles and melts. 

Read on below to find out how:



Step One: Check the safety label for ingredients, hazards and precautions


Step two: unscrew the lid and light the wick.


top tip: If you can't reach the candle wick with a normal match or lighter, use a stick of uncooked spaghetti. Use a lighter or match and light one end of the uncooked spaghetti stick and quickly put it down into the candle. The flame does not last long but long enough for you to light the candle. 



Step three: enjoy your candle (No longer than 4 hours a time).





top tip: Why? because excessive burning can lead to 'tunneling'. This occurs when only the centre of the wax right around the wick melts and burns down. This makes it harder and harder to light the wick as the candle continues to burn down. Additionally, put the candle out using the lid to safely suffocate the flame.

preventing tunneling.


Wax has memory, and the first burn sets the radius of the melt. If you create a tunnel on the first burn, the next time you light the candle, it will melt the wax in the tunnel first, making it deeper, leaving unmelted wax around the edges. That’s why it’s so important to completely melt the first layer of wax on the first burn before blowing out the candle.

After lighting it, check it every 30 minutes or so to make sure that the first layer of wax has completely melted—the deeper the layer, the better. As a general rule, it takes about one hour of burn time for each inch of the candle’s diameter. However, this is only a guideline, and you should continue to check on the candle and put the candle out using the lid only when the first layer of wax has completely melted.

trim ya' wick!

Long, untrimmed wicks make hotter and larger flames, this means your candle will burn up faster,

turning your purchase into soot and smoke.








top tip: We recommend trimming your candle wicks before each burn to 1/4 inch to maintain a healthy candle; a larger flame means more fragrance and wax (nail clippers work very well for this).

Wax melts are much simpler to care for than candles, we just recommend that you pop them in a cool, dry place before using them; keeping them in their compostable paper packaging until use. 

top tip: Keep your burner and melts in a cool, dark place when unlit to preserve fragrance and colouring of the wax melt.

We recommend you DO NOT use paraffin wax tea-lights due to their potentially harmful properties. Safely dispose of the wax melt by allowing it to cool, dry and placing it in the bin.



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